The Keys to Naming

Well, I couldn’t exactly name this blog Naming by Numbers without giving you all simple guides to naming, now, could I? So, I decided to compile a list of guidelines for you to skim through, and take into consideration before naming your little bundle of joy, or bundle of lists. You know, whatever works for you.

Rule #1: Keep it real. What this means, is don’t use a tacky made-up name for your child that could hinder or seriously frustrate them later on. If you like Hayden or Aiden for your little man, name him Hayden or Aiden. Don’t try to make up a name like Frayden, Yayden, Gayden (please don’t), or Layden because you think Hayden and Aiden are too popular. When it all boils down, put realness higher up on the priority list than popularity.

Rule #2: Follow the lead of the Spelling Bee. Basically, that means DON’T MISSPELL THE NAME. Of course, some names have naturally different spellings, like Catherine/Katherine, Maya/Maia, Sarah/Sara, etc. If you want to name her Emily, name her Emily, or a real variant, like the French Emilie. Don’t name her Emmalee or Emileigh because “It’s more unique”. Y’know what? When the teacher calls little Emileigh’s name out loud, it’ll be said the same way as the other Emilys. Leave odd name spellings to the last names, or, if you must, the middles. Just don’t let Karalyn’s name take the front seat, or be prepared for her to have a tough childhood.

Rule #3: Try not to mix severely different ethnic backgrounds of names. If you have a Polish last name and want to use a German last name, go ahead. They’re both basically similar-sounding European names that can mesh well. But try to stray away from polar opposites that don’t mix, like Jiang Lopez-Gonzalez, or Hoshiko Kagami Werzenlinski. Of course, this shouldn’t be a main deciding factor — If you love the Spanish name Marisol but have a French last name like Ambraux, don’t fret. This isn’t very important, just a generalized guideline.

Rule #4: Go with the flow. In other words, stay away from clashing middle names that have a bad rhythm.

I’ll add more rules and expand on Rule #4 later — Gotta go! Toodle pip!

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