About the Author

Wow, that sounds mature. Not exactly in keeping to the real me, but I’ll try to up my game, I suppose.

*Ahem*. So, if you have the ability of basic concept and understanding, you should know what my post is going to be about. *Crickets* Still no clue? Really? Okay then, this page is dedicated to the self-centered heart of all this crap: ME! Woo hoo! Yay for me! *Circus music plays in background*.

Anywho, let’s get going. To start things off, let me state the obvious (for me, anyway): I am not pregnant, nor trying, nor to I have any children of any sort. (Besides my pets, but that’s another story for another day.) I’m just a big name nerd, name enthusiast, name connoisseur, onomastician, or whatever you want to call me. Creepazoid works pretty well, too.

My general naming style is anti-unisex names on girls, very traditional, yet rare, very rare. I extremely dislike made-up names with no history or background whatsoever. I usually dislike top 100 names, and find it a treasure when a name I love is not in the top 1000. Of course, there are some exceptions: For example, my favorite name (Caroline) is #94 on the SSA baby name list. I’m still hoping it’ll drop out of the top 100 by the time the next list comes out, but I digress.

I have a lovely, beautiful, talkative, absolutely fudging adorable niece named Mia Catherine. She’s already smarter than me, and she’s two. I swear, I’m not lying. She knew basic American sign language by the time she was several months old. Okay, enough bragging. No, wait, I’m not done: Mia is the best baby in the world. Okay, done.

You can see me as either very open minded about names, or very closed minded. On one hand, I despise modern, made-up, “I-can-tell-when-you-were-born” names that have tryndee spellings. I’m also generally against nicknames as full names, except for those that have proved themselves as stand-alone names. (Like Molly, Daisy, Poppy, etc.)

At the moment, my name lists are going through major renovations, so the names on my lists right now may not exactly be what I like as of the present. But do not fear, I’m sure I’ll get my head together sooner or later!

Blood running through my veins:

• German
• French
• Italian (Sicilian, to be precise)
• Czechoslovakian

Blood trickling through my veins:

• Scottish
• Irish
• Cherokee

I’ll tell more when I think of it! Toodle pip!

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