Birth Announcements and the Names that Follow

I figured that for my first real reporting post, I’d start out by researching new babies’ names in my area. So, as of recently, these little tykes have been blessed (or cursed) with these monikers:

• Abigail Marie Angel
• Abilene Rose
• Addison Grace
• Alexis Marie
• Amelia Rose
• Avery Marie
(Grr! I hate Avery on a girl!)
• Blakely Ann
• Brook Eliza
• Brooke Nicole
• Cassandra Marie
• Danielle Elizabeth
• Elizabeth Renee
• Emma Louise
• Emma Marie
(Could they have chosen a more predictable name??)
• Giara Star Marie
• Gracie Mae
• Isabella Eileen
• Isabella Lorraine
• Izabelle Grace
• Jaxz JoAnnah
(They just completely f’d up this kid’s life.)
• Jordyn Alexis
• Kelsey Anyda
(They totally butchered Anita here.)
• Kinsley Rae
• Liliana Elizabeth
• Lily Reed
• Lilyana Elaine
(and Trey Richard)
• Margaret Elizabeth
• Miranda Morgan
• Mariah Belle
• Paige
(no middle name)
• Paige Elizabeth
• Paige Nikole
• Payton Lynne
• Penny Lane
• Peyton Grace
• Raine Lee
(and Rylee Ann)
• Rylee Ann (and Raine Lee)
• Sara Lynn
• Serenity-Ann Elaine
• Sydney Grace
• Victoria Lynn
• Violet Jane
• Zoe Belle
• Zoey Ann-Marie
• Zoey Rae

Lil Men:
• Alexander Douglas
• Camden James
• Charles Anthony
• Cody James
• Connor James
• Daniel James
• David Martin
• Deacon Richard
• Ethan Gunner
• Gage Stephen
• Gavin James
• Harper David
• Isaiel Deseo
• Jonathen Maison
(They had to butcher both names?!)
• Kamrin Michael
• Kayden Robert
• Landon Jeffrey
• Logan Avery
• Logan Douglas
• Mason Richard
• Mason Russell
• Matthew David
• Maxwell Lorenz
• Michael Lloyd
• Rashad Lee
• Rhyder Dean
• Rick Hayden
• Ryder
(no middle name)
• Timothy Stephen
• Tony Ray
• Trevor Matthew
• Trey Richard
(and Lilyana Elaine)
• Troy David
• Ty James
• Wesley Gordon

I’d like to mention that Raine Lee and Rylee Ann are my sister’s best friend’s nieces. Congrats, Katrina, on your new nieces!!

My favorites were probably Amelia Rose and Abilene Rose for the girls (Abilene completely off-handed me here, I just found out about this name! Expect a NoTD shortly on the name). For the boys, Harper David was the clear winner. I’m just thrilled that Harper was used on a boy! It’s definitely on my Wildcard list, as of now.

My least favorites are… bad. Very, very, very bad. I feel so sorry for Jaxz JoAnnah. (And Serenity-Ann, but she’s not nearly as bad.) They couldn’t have at least used Jazz Joanna? Or, in a perfect world, Jasmine Josephine? Sigh… I pity that kid, truly and dearly. Who else thinks the parents were illiterate 14-year-olds? The boy, on the other hand, isn’t completely terrible… Just a horrible spelling of a very bad name to start. Rhyder takes the cake here, and I can only imagine how many times he’ll say R-H-Y-D-E-R in his life. (I’m guessing somewhere around the billions.) Names like Rashad and Isaiel I’ll discount on a ‘foreign parents’ charge, but if these people are Anglo-Saxon, they have no excuse for those names. (Kamrin, Jonathen, and Kayden almost took top prize for Worst Boy’s Name.)

So, what do you think? Are the 2 Abbys, 3 Isabella/Izabelles, 3 Lily variants, 3 Paiges, 2 Peyton/Paytons, 3 Zoe(y)s, 2 Logans, 2 Masons, and 2 R(h)yders surprising to you? Are you surprised at the amount of Belles in the middle place? The Lynns, Roses, Maries, Raes, James’, Douglas’ — Are they too much?

***These names were gotten from birth announcements during June/early July of ’09 in my area.***

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sebastiane
    Jul 10, 2009 @ 10:09:07

    This was interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to see these,

    • Abilene Rose
    • Margaret Elizabeth
    • Violet Jane

    • Wesley Gordon

    The rest were very predictable and not surprising at all. I am upset with how popular Lily and Isabelle have become. Both are nice names that have been dullified with their over usage. Abilene is quite pretty and makes for a refreshing alternative to the worn and torn Abigail.


  2. Mellowdeeous
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 01:47:54

    Maybe I’m a simpleton, in fact I probably am, but what is Jaxz supposed to be? I don’t speak tryndee! Is it “jax” or, god forbid, “jax-zee”. I’m probably way off.


    • Mookie
      Jul 22, 2009 @ 15:59:48

      I’m quite fluent in tryndee — It helps when trying to reason with those “Unmentionables” (Read: Crazy people). My best guess is that it’s supposed to be Jax, with the X sound leveling off with a buzz. So, instead of sounding like Jacks, it sounds like Jackzzzzz.


      • Mellowdeeous
        Jul 22, 2009 @ 17:40:19

        Ok, thanks. I feel awful using the term “lesser of two severe evils” but I do mean it here. JAX zee or rather jacksie is slang for the buttocks.

        So, essentially it’s Jax on anabolic steroids? Special Factor Z 😉

      • Mookie
        Jul 24, 2009 @ 01:40:42

        That’s the gist of it!

        …Speaking of certain drugs, I’m trying to look into whether Jaxz’s mother was on crack when she named her daughter. I usually wouldn’t be so blatant with the drug reference, but dammit, that mother just f’d up everything for that poor kid.

  3. Charlotte Vera
    Jul 25, 2009 @ 16:56:26

    Ooooh, Abilene is beautiful! I hate it when people change the spelling of classic (or even less-than-classic) names. Grrr. It reminds me of me when I was say, twelve, and thinking of my future kids’ names (Jaquelynn, anyone?). Thankfully, I’ve grown out of that pubescent phase.

    I’m also not quite sure that I’d want to call my kid “Penny Lane”. In my opinion it would work once they’re in university, but in junior high. . .


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